Turnkey electronic projects

Our internal procedure, based on the experience and know-how of our engineering team, guarantees the success in our analog and digital electronics developments.

In this sense, the project risk is minimized by paying special attention to the most critical aspects, such as specification, components selection and final validation, before and during the projects. The careful definition of these points turns into the minimization of design errors and reduction of costs and delivery terms.

We also work very closely with our customers for two main reasons:
To verify that the developed work fulfills specifications and timings.
To carry out in the shortest time any addition or modification in the product by the customer.

To ensure the success of our projects, following essential points are taken into consideration:
Review and/or development of the technical specifications.
Development and release of the electronic schematic.
Selection of components based on cost, performance and availability.
Up to 8 layer PCB layout and manufacturing.
Development of the SW according to Automotive standards.
Validation at levels Unit Test, Integration Test and Black Box Test.
Homologation and Certification according to safety and EMC standards.
Project documentation.

Project examples:
12 channel differential analog voltage monitor with WiFi or Ethernet communication with the Host PC.
Switching relay matrix for EOL testing.
Current and temperature meter for autonomous battery based stations, RS-485 communication with the Host PC.
General purpose test board for DUT EOL testing with overcurrent protection.
Universal temperature logger for refrigerated containers (Reefer) with WiFi data communication with the server.
Light based indicator for warehouse picking acceleration process. This product allows the used to group single orders into multiples with the purpose of reducing the overall picking time.
10A, 6V to 16V DC/DC voltage follower for automotive vehicles.
Low size automotive blinker controller.
CAN and USB controllable load for power electronics validation


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