Many companies require customized Load Panels for the validation of the electronic products they design and manufacture. This is especially important for the High Voltage developments that are currently used in electric vehicles, where isolation and security is a must.


Mechanics transparent structured in operative levels grouped by functionality.
• Level 0. Protection structure for easy DUT connection with the loads, HV isolated.
• Level 1. Protection and control.
− Protection and quick disconnection button.
− DUT Operative mode selection switch.
• Level 2. Low voltage control.
− Banana access to all DUT connector pins.
− Rotary switches for input activations.
• Level 3. High voltage control.
− High isolation connection and access for user protection.
− Frontal transparent protection cover.
• Other levels are reserved for custom applications equipment, such as power supplies, DMM or specific emulation panels.


HV Load Panel is a good choice for the functional validation of complex DUT features, including inputs, outputs and communications.
It is mainly addressed to the markets listed below:
• Automotive.
• Industrial.
• Telecommunications.
• Medical devices.


Load Panels are necessary for the correct software and hardware development of electronic modules, as they allow the connectivity between the DUT and the real inputs and outputs of the system. HV Load Panels are currently more and more required in the automotive sector due to the electrification of automobiles.