Power electronics
Power electronics
Analog and digital electronics
Analog and digital electronics
Communication modules
Communication modules
Embedded Software Developments
Embedded Software Developments
Optical communication modules
Optical communication modules


Generation RFID is an electronic engineering company specialized in turning the customer requirements into real electronic turnkey products and turnkey hardware and software electronic projects. We know how important for a customer is to give their trust when partnering with a supplier for such complex developments. In this sense, we have demonstrated along our history the success in the development and the manufacturing of projects and products in several areas, such as automotive, energy management, analog measurements and traceability. Our experimented engineering team is focused on the development and the validation of electronics in order to provide our customers the maximum quality in their requests. Some examples of successfully developed products are in the following fields listed below:

Power Electronics: development of a two outputs, 6KW three-phase battery charger, 50A DC electronic load expandable up to 400A and DC/AC inverters for the utilization of the stored energy in batteries.

Analog and digital signal electronics: among the microprocessor based systems designed, the highlights are:

- CAN based GPIO testers.

- 12 lines battery cell tester based on RS485 modbus.

- Current and voltage meter with <1% error.

- CAN controlled variable resistance for low cost variable current power sources.

- 150W DC/DC for 12V battery stabilization in automotive field.

- USB to LIN and CAN gateway.

Communication modules: gateways which include communications based on CAN, Ethernet, WiFi, RS485, Flex-Ray, LIN Protocol, among others.

Firmware developments: our company works together with certain customers in the development and validation of Firmware for many sectors. In this sense, we brought our know-how and our experience into our projects, so that we can deliver with the product all the intangible aspects that any excellent work must have: quality, reliability, cost and time to market.

Optical communication modules: electronic mini-boards that convert optical into electrical signals for TX, RX, CAN and Ethernet.


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